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TLC is a Reggio Emilia inspired Childcare serving children 18 months to 3 years. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for your child that fosters physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. We believe children learn by doing. Hands-on learning allows children to explore and to find meaning in the world around them. At TLC there is a shared construction between teacher and child. Encouraging children to generate their own questions promotes curiosity and creativity among our youngest learners. 

Tracey Lawyer
Founder & Educator

The Space

TLC is located in the La Cumbre area of Santa Barbara, and around the corner from Hope School. The children often play in the fenced front yard and driveway to cook in the mud kitchen and to scoot around on their bikes. The backyard features a playhouse for imaginative play and tons of grass to roll around in. In the house, the children have access to the kitchen to whip up their favorite rainforest avocado cookies, and to say hello to our three dogs: Valentina, Louie, and Coco. Our newly renovated classroom space is filled with natural elements and created with the intention to let the kids explore all of their interests.

About Tracey

TLC is founded and operated by Tracey Lawyer, a former preschool and first-grade teacher with 23 years experience. She has had the pleasure to teach many children in Santa Barbara over the years. With a background in child development, Tracey continues to grow and learn by attending workshops and conferences. TLC is dedicated in developing a partnership between home and school which benefits the development and growth of your child. 

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